Although I have been owning an iPad for only four weeks now, I already experience a couple of changes in my reading behavior I find really interesting and worth sharing.

More means more
I usually carry all of my ebooks on my iPad and I find it very comforting knowing that carrying an additional book in my bag costs me exactly nothing in terms of size and weight. I don’t have to choose anymore before going on a trip or realizing that I was probably going to get through that book before hitting home again to select another on my shelf to bring along.

More resolute
If I start to read a book now I don’t really enjoy, I have become more resolute closing it and probably never looking at it again. In the past, whenever I found myself reading a chapter I did not enjoy, I was either working through that chapter or just skipping it. Either way, due to the fact that I was usually carrying only one book in my bags on business trips, I felt more inclined to work through that book. Not anymore. The iPad made it simple to carry all sorts of books with me at the same time, making it easy to match my mood.

On-screen reading
I remember vividly how people were despising having to read on a screen with 1024 x 768 pixels. I never quite got that argument since I was probably reading more on screen than in books ever since going through a computer science program at my university. And that volume hasn’t decreased with emails and PDFs at work. I just got so used to it that I don’t feel any disturbing side effects. And, by the way, the resolution is really sufficient for my taste.

And PDFs…
Being able to browse through presentations, legal documents or company filings on a larger screen than my iPhone is a relief. No more zooming (or pinching). And, again, I can carry as much as I want, receiving even more on the way due to the 3G capabilities of my iPad.

iBooks is currently my killer app as I am eagerly awaiting an app that enables me to comment in PDFs. The iPad has been such a smooth and welcoming experience, I don’t want to miss it anymore. And having tested a few of the new devices back at IFA, I must admit that I don’t see anyone being up to this user experience, yet.