Running The Numbers

A/B Testing
Since I have been hearing a lot about it, I thought it would be good to share some of what I learned what works and what misconceptions I came across.

“What you want to prove is that you can predict future behavior by showing that users act the same over different periods.”

Startups & Pitches

Dashboards For You And Potential Investors
“What we as investors look for in numbers and what might help you in your decisions going forward.”

The 7 Deadly Sins Of Startups
“What we have seen to be the most common mistakes for failure in a startup.”

Thoughts On Businessplan Competitions –Both As A Juror And Entrepreneur
Although I am not a big fan of business plan competitions, I think they do have their pros and cons and it is vital to understand what you are getting yourself into before you submit your papers.”


Startups & Venture Capital

5 Misconceptions About Valuations
I figured that there is a great deal of confusion about valuations out there. Hence, I decided to shed some light on this from the other side of the table. I am going to concentrate on early stage businesses here.

Do Accelerators Help Raise Funds?
“How effective [are] accelerators like SeedCamp or Y Combinator […] in helping startups receive funding.”

Employee Option Pool – The German Way
Non-monetary incentives are a repeated topic.” – here’s how we do it.

Explaining The European VC Model: You Are Constantly Raising Money
“In general, I agree with cdixon that a startup should raise as much money as possible. However, due to the difference in mentality and capital available, we Europeans might have a different take on the reasons for that.”

Startups, Chose Your Fund Wisely
This is my take on the ongoing discussion on the new face of venture capital, shrinking fund sizes, and the impact on startups.

Why Growth Is The Only Option For VCs And Entrepreneurs
“A lot of the negativity VCs are feeling from entrepreneurs roots in the misunderstanding of why VCs keep telling entrepreneurs to grow really big and hence seem to be pushing for more and more, making them appear like slave drivers.”


Why WebApps Will Win
“From my perspective, there are a couple of advantages, web apps have over native apps and will ultimately succeed.”


Competing With The AppStore
“People are starting to talk about the shift so many are eagerly expecting, dwarfing Apple’s dominance. However, I still believe there is third dimension that is highly disregarded in all of this clutter of metrics and stats: the money.”

Why I Will Not Buy An Android (At This Time)
“Google releases one of the most unique and valuable application features to the iPhone. But why would it do that if this would have been a perfect selling point for Android devices?”

The World

It’s Those Europeans Again
“Why doesn’t Europe have that many great startup companies?” – my thoughts and comments.

My Thoughts on Kickstarter And Diaspora
“What fascinates me are two things: The way in which they were getting that money. The amount of money these guys were able to get by coming to a relatively unknown platform (kickstarter).”

what we have seen to be the most common mistakes for failure in a startup